The Plot Is in the Beat


I am crafting my writing by breaking up my current work – a novel with the working title of  S E V E N T E E N – into tight excerpts. I find this method to be an effective way for fine honing my shit. It’s a necessary process for me because I am a persnickety writer. Tuning up passages as separate entities is one way I can craft prose into poetry as a standalone hybrid. Present day poetry dressed up as prose is too unusual as a writing genre to have a body of rules and that’s the thrill of it for me. People who write prose/poetry get to blaze their own trail. which also means it’s also a lonely trail.

Part 2 coming up: The Trick Is in the Words

His Head Was Found at the Driver’s Wheel

railroad lovers bl and wh

His Head Was Found at the Driver’s Wheel

Latest excerpt from my novel S E V E N T E E N/ Child of War 

alternative history of the 20th century written (Historiographical Meta-fiction)



S E V E N T E E N/ Child of war

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Rant and raves from grumpy rambly

Ramblings From A Mum

time for a rant & raves – which I swore I wouldn’t really I must be ‘in a mood’ tonight.

  • Political correctness…. I like many other Australians I am sure, are becoming increasingly fed up and irritated with lack of ‘ freedom of speech’ that we once had. Currently there are a couple of uproars in the media about ‘the wrong word/s’ being spoken. One by a 13 year old girl at a football match, who yelled out ‘Ape’ to an Aboriginal football player. She has been accused of racism. Is it just me or is this getting ridiculous?  This is what was said of her from the player – “Racism has a face. It’s a 13-year-old girl.”  This is her reply “I didn’t mean it in a racist way and I’m sorry to the club and the AFL.”  Would I be called racist if I called a caucasian…

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