You Say Goodbye. I Say Hello

The new year. it comes and goes. This is my one year anniversary of not being here. A message from WordPress this morning said that “my site misses me.” So here I am back writing in space to the high C sounds of tinnitus. There is a new dog on the other couch. The old one died a few months ago. Sometimes I get their names mixed up.

But as the new year progresses, Ill call New dog the old dogs name less and less. But I will still remember Helen.

Helen is my best friend. I was pregnant with my son when I saw her off to Glendale on a Greyhound bus. He is fifty four years old. I haven’t seen her since. I searched for her over the issuing years, phone books, Facebook. I subscribed to People Finders and asked my PI brother in law to look her up…

more in the next installment

His Head Was Found at the Driver’s Wheel

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His Head Was Found at the Driver’s Wheel

Latest excerpt from my novel S E V E N T E E N/ Child of War 

alternative history of the 20th century written (Historiographical Meta-fiction)



S E V E N T E E N/ Child of war

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